About Paul

…struggling, doubting, searching, learning, arrows in my back and blood on the floor. That was then…

This is now….

I want to help at least 1 million people executing, more than just their current plans, more effectively and leading a more fulfilled life, by inspiring them to take action and to learn and thrive.

That is why I turn to online, to make this possible.

Follow my work and my sites and posts, only if you are ready for action and only if earning-while- learning excites you!

For me, achieving has to be an amazing ride: meeting fascinating people and role-models; learning in a fun way; living amazing experiences and giving back to others.

Turning online:

You want to turn online, quickly and without a small army tech-helpers?

You want to re-design your life?

Transition to business owner or transforming your existing business, not just via online:

A big change looms, or you want one to happen, or you are right in the middle of one?

Things never quite work the way you plan?

Looking to raise your business and your personal life several levels and switch to the fast lane?

Can I please, make it only 1000 % more effective for you to reach your life goals, by passing on what I have learned the really, really hard way? Then that will make my day!

A wonderful message from the book Life Safari that resonates with me is, that our spot is in the middle. In the middle between people, who are ahead of us and from whom we want to learn and people behind us, who we have an opportunity to teach.

Besides my online work, I run a business in materials for food packaging and I am a chemical engineer.