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Paul’s Mission

I want to help people executing, much more than just their current plans, more effectively and leading a more fulfilled life,

by inspiring them to take action and to learn and thrive.

A storm hit my cozy family -and professional life. And in that whirlwind, I turned to becoming a business owner, after too many corporate years.

My transition meant …



When we connect with others, then we are greater than the sum of the individual parts.


Honesty and having the greater good in mind.


By sharing and giving , we empower others to shine too.


Feel alive through play and loss of self-consciousness.


When no one else will, then take a bold stand and lead with honour.


Energy to shift your life into gear. Out of your mind and into action.


With every sunrise a new opportunity to make an impact.


It is not going to be what you think it should be like. Be the ultimate adaption machine.